Is Getting More Subscribers on YouTube Impossible

Do you feel like YouTube is getting harder and harder to succeed? Are you tired of seeing your competitors successfully grow their channels, get more subscribers, and even earn revenue from ads? If so, this article is for you. According to statistics from market research companies focused on digital media and advertising firm Statista, the number of videos that are uploaded to the world’s second-largest video-sharing website every minute has risen over 6x in the past two years. The site now boasts almost 9 billion views each month and 1.6 billion users register new accounts every day (including about 100 million who are active monthly users). Most people think it’s simple to get subscribers on YouTube. You simply post a video or upload a series of clips every week or so and before long, your channel starts racking up views and builds momentum with viewers. But while this might be true in some cases, it’s not always that easy – especially if you aren’t already well-known or established in other online niches.

What is the biggest reason people struggle to get subscribers on YouTube?

The biggest reason people struggle to grow their channel is the lack of a strategy. You can have the best video in the world, but if it isn’t placed in the right place with the right strategy, it’s not going to work. Most channels struggle with getting subscribers to start with a great idea, create some great videos and attract a lot of fans, but then they go “cold turkey” and stop posting new videos. This is a mistake that so many new channels make, especially those that are just starting and don’t yet have a large fan base. It’s critical to get new subscribers every single month. If you don’t, you’re going to lose viewers and lose momentum. And when that happens, it’s just a matter of time until your channel starts to struggle to grow.

The 3 core strategies you need to grow your subscriber base

·         In the beginning: Get your first few thousand subscribers. This will be a lot easier at the beginning of your channel’s life than it will be later on. It’s easier to get your first few thousand subscribers when your channel is just getting started than it is when your channel is established. 

·         Build a relationship with your fans: You can do this by responding to comments, uploading more captivating and interesting videos, and engaging with your fans on social media. 

·         Don’t give up: While it’s common for growing channels to see a slow start, don’t give up. Keep posting new videos and growing your channel. Search for sites that offer free YouTube subscribers online. It may take time, but a year from now you will be very glad that you stuck with it and didn’t give up.

How to increase your chances of getting more subscribers

·         Create more video content: This is a no-brainer. The more videos you create, the more chance your channel has of getting subscribers and the more views your videos will receive. 

·         Make your videos more engaging: This is similar to advise that most bloggers and online authors would give: captivating titles, unique video concepts, and engaging cliffhangers at the end of your videos are what will increase your chances of getting more subscribers. 

·         Get more views: You can do this by posting more videos, but be careful not to post too often. Over-posting is a big reason why many channels struggle to get subscribers. 

·         Use better tags: Tags are what YouTube searches and algorithms use to find your videos. If you want your videos to be found by more people and earn more views, you need to be more specific in your tags. They don’t need to be overly complicated, but they do need to be specific enough to allow them to be found. 

·         Use third-party apps for better engagement: Several apps can help you grow your subscriber base on YouTube. You can use tools that allow you to auto-play videos on your channel and track how many views they receive. Or you can use websites that allow you to view a timer on your videos so you can track how long they are viewed. 

·         Boost your channel: This is similar to using third-party apps, but it’s a bit different. You can boost your channel by paying for it through services like Cubic. When you do this, your videos will be boosted and promoted on several different websites.

The final step: monetization strategy for YouTube growth

It’s no secret that one of the biggest challenges facing new brands and channels on YouTube is gaining enough subscribers to create revenue from ads and generate income. But there is a way to get the most out of your channel without spending a lot of time or money. It’s called “building a loyal fan base.” The concept is simple. You start by creating engaging and entertaining videos that your fans love. Once they feel like they’ve established a connection with you and enjoy your content, they’ll start to support you and look forward to your new videos. Once you have a loyal fan base, you can start monetizing your channel by offering pre-roll ads or selling virtual gifts or subscriptions.

The 6 Steps to Increase Subscribers on YouTube

·         Build a channel: First and foremost, start creating content for your channel. No matter how much you try, nothing will happen unless something is first created. 

·         Post new videos: This is where you will spend the majority of your time on YouTube. Investing in your channel and creating quality videos is the most important thing you can do. 

·         Engage with your fans: Respond to comments, upload more captivating and interesting videos, and engage with your fans on social media. 

·         Boost your channel: This is similar to using third-party apps, but it’s a bit different. You can boost your channel by paying for it through services like Cubec. When you do this, your videos will be boosted and promoted on several different websites. 

·         Sell your product: This can be anything from pre-roll ads to virtual gifts or subscriptions. You’ll need to find a way to make money off of YouTube. 

·         Create more content: This is your final step in growing your subscribers on YouTube. Keep uploading new videos and continually growing your channel.

Wrapping up

As you can see, it’s not as simple as just posting a video and waiting for subscribers to roll in. The more you put into your channel and videos, the more you’ll earn and the more likely you are to grow it into a successful business.

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