The Importance of 100% Twitch Views: How To Go From 0 to 100 in a Few Months

Twitch is known for its 24-hour streamers; the platform has even become a major force in the gaming industry. Like most other video streaming services, Twitch needs to make money to afford the upkeep of such a popular service. One way they do this is by asking users who watch streams on their site to subscribe through a monthly or yearly plan. The more people who subscribe, the more revenue they receive. This is why having 100% of your Twitch views is so important. So how much does it matter? Well, it can be the difference between staying afloat and sinking like a stone. There are plenty of streamers and channels who have hit rock bottom because they couldn’t get back on their feet. While there are some reasons why you might struggle with your subscriptions, here we’ll unpack some solutions that you can implement to boost your channel’s growth and ultimate success.

What are 100% Twitch Views?

Twitch is a live streaming platform where people can broadcast themselves playing video games for an audience. While the actual game is being streamed, viewers can also view comments from the broadcaster and his or her fans. For the most part, Twitch is only used for gaming, but the company has expanded its services to include programming and other media formats. Twitch viewers can support their favorite streamers by donating either through Twitch’s platform or by tipping the broadcaster through Twitch’s messaging system. Some streamers even offer merchandise and ads to support themselves. You can also get free Twitch views so you will increase your views. Meanwhile, Twitch earns a small cut of each dollar donated, so the more viewers who subscribe, the more money the site makes.

Why are 100% Twitch Views Important?

The benefits of reaching 100% of your Twitch views are multifold. The most obvious one is increased revenue. If you have 100% of your views, you’ll earn more from subscriptions. That means that you can support your family with the income you receive from streaming more easily. Success in both your individual and business lives is highly dependent on your relationships. There are few things more important than building good relationships with those who can help you achieve your goals in life. This is why 100% Twitch views on your channel are so important. 

How to Achieve 100% Twitch Views?

·         Get Your Channel Setup – You can’t expect to get 100% Twitch views overnight, but you can make steady progress. The best way to get your channel set up is to start streaming. You can use the free Twitch app on your phone or a computer. Then, make sure you give your channel the proper exposure. You can join relevant communities to build your audience up. You should also make sure that your channel is promoted. Twitch users usually search for channels by typing in the stream’s name, so you should make sure that your channel is in the search results. 

·         Grow Your Audience – As you start streaming, you’ll quickly realize that you need to find more viewers for your channel. This is where you’ll need to branch out and reach out to your community. Post to community forums, create social media content and try to make connections with streamers and other content creators. If you’re looking for more viewers, you can also try to grow your audience by putting more effort into your content. You can start by finding new ways to entertain your viewers with videos. While streaming is an important part of your content strategy, you can also use it as an opportunity to promote your channel.

Strategies for Getting 100% Twitch Views

·         Engage with Your Followers – The best way to make Twitch fans feel like part of your community is to engage with them outside of Twitch. If you have a dedicated following, they’re likely to feel a sense of obligation to you if they feel like you’re there for them. By engaging with your followers, you’re sending the message that you want your community to grow and become even more invested in your success. This way, you can expect to see more subscribers as a result. 

·         Be Positive and Concrete – One of the most important things about building a successful Twitch channel is to remain positive and concrete. You can’t let your success get to your head, because it’s important to remember that you’re just starting. By remaining positive and transparent, you’re sending the message that you don’t have lofty goals but instead have goals that you’re willing to work towards. This way, your channel will be more relatable to new viewers and build even more followers. 

·         Don’t Over-Promote – Although it’s important to promote your channel, you don’t want to go overboard. Too much promotion can lead to a decline in followers because you’re spreading yourself too thin. Too much promotion can lead to a decline in followers because you’re spreading yourself too thin. Instead, you want to actively promote your channel, but you also want to make sure that there’s a proper balance between promoting and keeping your focus on other activities.

How to Achieve 100% Twitch Views in 2019

Reach a critical mass of subscribers on your channel. Grow your audience and find new ways to entertain them. Try to keep your content consistent and remain positive and open-minded to new ideas. Don’t over-promote and don’t over-rely on cheating. If you’re still having problems reaching 100% of your Twitch views, then it’s likely that you haven’t taken the time to fully explore the platform. It doesn’t take much effort to set up a stream and start playing games, and Twitch is a great platform for streaming. If you go through the effort to find games to play and find a way to entertain your audience, then you’ll be well on your way to building a successful Twitch channel. You can also read our guide on how to find the perfect game for your stream.

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